6 Myths And Misconceptions About Vinyl Windows

Modern windows are much more attractive and beneficial than the old ones and that is why they become increasingly popular these days. Basically, every expert will recommend a homeowner to replace his old windows immediately, if he wants to raise the value of his property and save a lot of money in the long run. However, although modern windows such as vinyl windows are way better, there are many myths and misconceptions that are surrounding them. Let’s bust those myths in this post!

If I install vinyl windows, the existing structure of my house will be affected

False. This is a common misconception related to vinyl windows and unfortunately, it prevents a lot of homeowners from investing in modern windows. Still, those homeowners should find out that window installers will never disturb the structure of the property when installing vinyl windows simply because these products are very easy to work with. Not even a brick is going to be moved, added or eliminated. Additionally, the installation process takes less than two days in most cases and if the homeowner has any doubts about this, he is strongly encouraged to ask the contractor for more details about the installation ritual.

Vinyl windows are very poor insulators

Another myth that is not true. In fact, vinyl windows are excellent insulators, some of them having an U-value of 0.2 or 0.5. Construction materials which are closest to the 0 figure are the best on the market these days and as a result, vinyl windows will definitely keep the house warm during winters and cool during summers. Moreover, thanks to their insulating capabilities, vinyl windows can save a lot of money for the homeowner in the long run because they help preserve a constant temperature and the HVAC system will not have to work that hard.

Vinyl windows are highly flammable

Not exactly. The truth is that windows made from wood (especially the older ones) are much more exposed to fires than vinyl windows and they are more likely to catch fire or maintain it. On the other hand, vinyl is a rigid and thick material which doesn’t catch fire or burn that easily. Moreover, if the fire source has been eliminated, the vinyl will stop burning on its own. Therefore, it is safer and highly recommended to install vinyl windows in the house because they will keep the fire hazards to a minimum.

Vinyl cannot be recycled

This is another false statement that probably has been launched by those who are in competition with products made from vinyl. In fact, vinyl is a highly recyclable material and luckily, almost 99% of all the vinyl in the world is recycled these days. This is a good thing because new vinyl products can be made using fewer resources and best of all, the used vinyl products don’t end up in landfills, polluting the land, air and entire planet. Therefore, homeowners who want to do their part in keeping this planet clean are highly encouraged to invest in vinyl windows and they will have more peace of mind in the future.

Vinyl is bad for the environment

Another false myth that circulates for some years says that vinyl and other materials such as plastics can be bad for the environment in the long run. Again, this is completely false as a study from 2004 has discovered that vinyl as well as other construction materials are not affecting the environment. In some cases, people are saying that vinyl contains dioxins and this substance is what makes it so dangerous for the planet. Dioxins are actually small toxic particles that can affect the health of living organisms, producing different forms of cancers. Well, homeowners who are thinking of getting vinyl windows in the future should breathe easier as the dioxin levels in vinyl are practically insignificant and they are not able to affect the health of their family members.

Vinyl windows can only be white or brown

It is time to bust this myth as well. Vinyl is a product that can be customized and designed according to various specifications and preferences of the client. Therefore, vinyl windows are not only available in white, brown or other neutral colors. In fact, vinyl comes in virtually all nuances and colors and this can be very efficient in creating a marvelous interior design. Just to remove any doubts and further misconceptions related to this, vinyl windows can also feature custom-made shapes, they can feature any sizes and they can be installed in every property as well.

Hopefully, now you know everything about vinyl and if you are convinced that vinyl windows are actually excellent products which are worthy of your investment, feel free to contact our company to know more about vinyl window installation and the variety of products you can select from.

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