Automatic Doors and their Advantages

If you have are a fan of automatic doors like everyone is, then you will agree that they are the best way to enter a place. You can find automatic doors at commercial stores, retail shops, society entrances, MNC’s offices, hospitals, clinics, public places, certain business shops, and many more places. Don’t we just love the way open themselves up when we show in front of them. The technology has made the lives of each individual extremely easy and fun. The escalators, the elevators and the automatic doors are a few of the best technological advancement we have in terms of architecture. And automatic doors are the coolest out of these. It is not just you or me who likes the automatic doors, but people from all groups like to use the automatic doors. The corporates and commercial people also find automatic doors a perfect option for their place, not because it fun but because it is safe, aesthetic in looks, helps managing the access to the place in a proper manner.

The automatic doors are of a wide range in style and looks. But the most popularly used automatic doors are the automatic sliding doors. Here are a few reasons which will tell you exactly why are they better and popular than the rest.

1. Supports high volume of passer-by traffic:

If a building is so busy that there are a lot of people going in and out all day, then the sliding doors are the best options. This is because an automatic sliding door will conveniently allow a lot of people to enter the place and leave the place simultaneously without creating any congestion. This is best for a mall or a public place or private building which is busy for most of the hours of the day and let in and out a lot of people for example a shopping mall. The sliding doors slide themselves into the wall providing the passers-by a lot of space to travel across. Also, the doors are transparent and this allows the people on both the side of the door to look and prevent any collision. As they can see the person, they can change their spot and prevent accidents. Also, none of the people are trapped because there are sensors on both the side and the doors won’t close till the people on both the sides leave the area.

2. Maximum utilization of the space:

Even if you have a narrow doorway, the automatic sliding doors help to utilize each inch of the place to the fullest. The doorway can be rather narrow and it is not an issue anymore. The sliding doors will not cover an inch of the doorway space the doors slide in and leave the whole space to the visitors and passers-by. The pockets of the doorway do not let the door come in your way while you pass through it. So, it is the most feasible and effective design if you are wondering how to deal with the doorway which is a little or more narrow than you would have expected it to be.

3. Energy savers:

The automatic sliding doors save a lot of energy. This is because the action of opening the door and closing it are very quick actions in this case. This implies a lot of heat energy is saved. Also, utility bills will show you the real difference in terms of energy consumption. The wide opening of the doors let in the air and regulates the air flow in the building. This also saves energy.

4. Brightness in the buildings:

The utilization of full doorway makes it a place allowing the maximum sun. This is a really import benefit in cities such as Toronto. The brightness in the building is the maximum with automatic sliding doors. No window or any other door can beat this.

5. Safe and secure:

The doors which are sliding doors are very safe. The sliding doors are made up of tough glass and have sensors on both the sides. The sliding doors also provide relief in emergency situation. They usually come with the push-forward mechanism in case of emergency. It is also connected with fire alarms. Also, in case of a power off the doors automatically open by slipping back into their pockets and hence, people can easily evacuate form the building without getting stuck inside it for hours.

6. Architecture and designer look:

The interior designers mostly recommend the automatic sliding windows because they are very stylish and look very attractive from architecture’s point of view as well as from the view point of an observer. If there are buildings with the architectural design not so good, they can simply add the automatic sliding door to make it right and good again.

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