Double Hung Windows

Windows in our homes are like a gateway to the outside world. In fact, in the four enclosed walls of a house, windows are the only thing that connects us to the outside world. A room without windows is as suffocating as a chamber. We do not really understand the importance of the windows, unless we are made to live in a room which has no windows. So, it is the windows that offer a silver lining to a dark room. The fresh air that comes in, the drops of rain that come in with the wind, they are priceless gifts of the windows we all have in our homes.

No doubt, we all love to have and look for some really interesting ideas while building our homes for windows. The double hung windows are one great option we can go for. The best part about double hung windows is that they can fit in really well and look equally good in both old houses and modern houses. The double hung windows add that much needed touch of vintage to any home or any building. Even in modern houses with ultra modern interiors and exteriors, these double hung windows do not look bad, such unique is their presentation.

Now, what exactly is a double hung window? A double hung window is also known as ‘sash’ windows. These are the ones which have two sashes in a single frame. This kind of window is horizontally divided into two halves and the two sashes move up and down to open and close. The two sashes move up and down in front of and behind each other, that is the way they are places. So now we have a rough idea of how double hung windows look like. Remember those windows we used to see in the English movies in our childhood and would dream of owning a house like that someday?

Back to reality now. While traditional double hung windows really look great and have been there for so many years now, even centuries, many are opting for vinyl double hung windows nowadays. Vinyl double hung windows are actually a more modern and innovative version of the traditional double hung windows we have been seeing for all these years. The question is why are so many people opting for these vinyl double hung windows over the traditional versions? Here we go.

Vinyl double hung windows offer the same beauty and same vintage touch as the wooden ones, only at a price far less than the traditional wooden ones. Also, apart from being inexpensive, the vinyl version of these windows is more durable too. Maintaining and cleaning the vinyl windows take much less pains and much less cost than the wooden ones. They need occasional cleaning, unlike the traditional ones. Also, one does not have to keep painting and re painting these window frames.

The earlier vinyl windows had many problems in their thermal expansion and were not stable in very hot climate. That problem has been dealt with in the modern versions. People are going for vinyl double hung window frames which are welded with heat at the joint. They are stiff at the joint and hence are more resistant to high temperatures. All in all, the modern vinyl double hung windows are a great alternative to the traditional window frames for so many reasons. In places like Toronto, these vinyl windows are catching up fats and have become a must have for almost every household for the numerous benefits they provide.

Other Alternatives to Vinyl Windows

While vinyl windows top the list for window options in any house, there are many other options your supplier will offer to you.

1) Night Vent Latches- A night vent latch allows us to keep the window slightly ajar even at night when we are asleep. This ensures proper ventilation in the room at all times of the day. The night vent latch is common with double hung windows where one can have that little opening even when the window is locked. However, when installing a vent latch, make sure it provides enough safety.

2) Muntins- A muntin is a wooden or metal strip that separates or holds the panes of a window. It can also be a plastic overlay that will have the same effect on a single window pane. No matter where they are used, they will create a division in the windows which actually look good and adds an authentic touch to the windows.

3) Insulating Glass- These are double or triple glass window panes which have a layer of air or any other gas in between each pain. This reduces the heating in a building. It can save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

While all these options are amazing, one has to be aware and well informed before buying these from the suppliers. One should look for maximum cost effectiveness.

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