Elegant Exterior Doors: Traditional and Elegant

“First impression is the last impression”. We all know this saying pretty well. When people come to your place, the first thing that you see is the door. The exterior doors are hence the first impression makers on your visitors. If the visitor likes the door, he/she will enter with a happy and positive attitude towards you and your place. The result of a good door is that the person gets an impression and judges the personality by looking at the door itself. So, even if the interiors are not that impressive, your visitor will have a positive opinion and attitude towards it. Some people may disagree here by saying that “what lies on the inside is all that matters”. Yes of course the gift inside the box is what matters, but a proper and attractive packing of the gift makes you want to choose it.

Therefore, the exterior doors must be real attractive and must look impressive. You can chose from a lot of options available in the market. But make sure to choose carefully. The door must be matched to your place and the interiors of the house as well. You can either choose a bold or choose a sublime one, but choose the appropriate one for you.

If you are looking for a more traditional kind of door for your place, you can choose any of the following options and even explore beyond these options.

Green: smooth on eyes

You might not consider “green” as the elegant color but trust me when I say this – traditional doors used to be green in color, bright green! The green color has many shades but the best shade you should keep is the one which is a little lighter than the green color of you surrounding bushes and plants. This will be an eye-catching entrance and will be loved by all. People will call you ‘daring’ for choosing green as the exterior door but once you have it install, people will talk about the unique and highly elegant way of having the best impression.

Blue: peace of mind

All the houses in the street have the similar usual doors. But somewhere out of the blue, it is your house having the exterior door having the color blue. Blue does not look much traditional but you can make it that way by adding certain features like a few lights here and there and inside some columns. The blue shade you choose can be from as light as sky blue to the bright robin blue.

Red: eye catcher

Red may fell a little bold for you but trust me if you like red, red it should be. Green and blue are way more elegant than red but red is way more traditional than any other color. Red door will signify power and energy and thus is the right choice for any place. You must choose red if your personality matches the color red. Don’t experiment with shades of red. In no time, you will be discarded if you have a stupid shade of nails around.

Majestic: we like it grand

So make your choice of whatever colors you like. But do not forget about another very important factor about the exterior doors which is size. Size of the exterior door must be appropriate to the size of the place. Some people think that the size of the gates must be in proportion with the size of the house. If the house is grand, then so should be the exterior doors. You can even add a semi-circular window or gate entrance above the exterior door to make the door look even grand.

Subtle and simple: keep it low

If you don’t like making and bold with all the colors around, just keep it subtle. The understated recessed entry gates are suitable for such cases. With dignity, keep the recessed entry with a little shining light over the place and some sidelights also. This will match your gray paint and yea take it look complete. This is also effortless and defines as well as justifies subtle personality.

So have your own idea of the exterior doors and do explore a lot of options before deciding. Choose anything you want. After all, it is your house and should be according to your likes and dislikes. Achieve elegance and beauty along with some bold colors. The house will have a nice reputation if the exterior door is really good. You will soon become famous among your neighbors if you did choose the not-so-common colors for your house. Dress your place in the most appropriate way you fell like. Listen to others for suggestions and pay attention to their opinions as well. But do what is right for you. Also, don’t be afraid to show what you have chosen, because that is what being bold is all about.

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