Here Are Some Replacement Window Options For Your Aging Townhouse!

If you are a proud owner of much loved but aging townhouse, now is the time to do some restorations some as to enhance its looks. One of such restorations is replacing the windows with something more stylishly designed for a more modern look. Fortunately, where windows for replacement are concerned you will not suffer for lack of options in the today’s window marketplace. Contemporary designs and technology have been combined to come up with windows that are economically sound, eco-friendly and energy-efficient for years to come.

But which type of replacement windows should you choose for your home or residential building for that matter? Well, continue reading below for a basic description of the common types of replacement windows in the market and that you might want to opt for. To help you fast decide which among these replacement windows is perfect for your home, simply get in touch with the right experienced local custom window installers.

Double-hung windows

These are by far the most common types of replacement windows in the market today. They have separately operating bottom and top sashes. These windows when expertly installed provide effective air circulation in a room while offering enough security. They are easy to maintain and care for since the sashes can removed or tilted in.

Bay windows

These are either fixed or mechanical operable and are ideal for the living room or spacious bedrooms such as master bedrooms. They are typically installed with a seating bench that can be used as reading nook. Often angled at 35 0r 45 degrees, bay windows are able to maximize the amount of light entering a room they are installed in.

Casement windows

They types of windows are normally hinged on the side and can be opened up to ninety degrees to provide ample ventilation. They are ideal for the kitchen where the windows are often situated over a wide counter or sink. The windows also can be installed in any room in a house that require enhanced air circulation. They are operated via an easy to turn hand crack and can be opened or closed with one hand.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are perfect for a homeowner looking to brighten up his rooms since they allow in as much natural light as is required. Not only this, these types of replacement windows are easy to clean and operate. It is recommended that you install sliding windows in rooms you want flooded with sunshine for a bright and cheery atmosphere, for example above the kitchen sink.

Picture windows

Picture windows are perfect for rooms with views that the homeowner want to showcase. For a more appealing configuration, frame it with double-hung or casement windows on both ends.

Tilt-turn windows

These types of windows are commonly found in European homes but are fast gaining in popularity in different parts around the world. They windows have dual functionality and can be like a casement window. Apart from this, they can be tilted in at the top. Mechanics for both actions are contained within the frame for ease of operation. They are easily controlled via a lever. When opened like a casement window, these kinds of windows let in maximum air into a room. When opened from the top, they prevent small kids from climbing up and falling through as they can in case of double – hung windows.

These kinds of windows are ideal for a number of commercial and residential applications. Covered exterior spaces such as sunrooms, pool enclosures, etc, are perfect places to install a turn-tilt window.

Hopper windows

These types of windows are quite common all around the country and are mostly installed in bathrooms and basements. They offer excellent ventilation preventing small enclosed spaces from becoming damp or stuffy. They are opened inwards from the top as they are hinged on the bottom. Hopper windows need minimal hardware not only in operation but also in installation.

The same handle that is used to lock and unlock the window with a single turn is also utilized to open it with a simple pull. These kinds of windows are easy to clean and maintain. Added security features like grates are easy to install on the exterior of the windows if required. Nevertheless, the same opening feature, (inward-opening), also make these types of windows hard to pair with common window treatments like curtains and blinds.

Whichever type of replacement windows you choose for your aging townhouse, make sure to contact the right kind of custom window experts to help you install it. Go for the experienced window installers as they have installed hundreds of different replacement windows meaning that they are apt to know what they are doing. These kinds of experts are always ready to answer your questions and at the same time address your concerns.



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