How to Prepare Your Home for Replacement Windows

If you’ve already made the decision to replace your windows, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to which material is best. Choosing replacement windows for your home begins with the style, size and features you seek and which suits. But getting replacement windows is a tough work, yet very exciting as they improve the look of your home. They help to seal out unwanted cold and heat, and they also save you money on energy bills that is why they are considered as energy efficient. Replacing your windows can feel like a daunting task. So whether you are going to do it by yourself or appoint a professional for the same, there are some points which should be considered. We hope this information will help you make better informed decisions when you plan your window replacement project.

Clear a path

By doing this the window installers will get an easy access to the room and to the windows themselves. They’ll be carrying the old windows out and the new windows in. Regardless of their size, windows can be unwieldy, so installers need a clear path in and out of the house. So you must keep the stairs completely clear of obstacles and move furniture or decorations away from the windows themselves. Don’t forget to uninstall window dressings, and remove any security system sensors on the windows. Talk to your contractor, but typically you will only need to remove the treatments only. The hardware can often stay where it is. You will also need to remove interior shutters and blinds. When you replace windows; all of the existing windows should be removed. If you have a table or a chair next to a window, they will need to be moved so that the contractors have access to that window.

You will need to move things that are outside your home as well. If you have any window decorations, such as holiday wreaths, they will need to be removed. If you are having a second story home, the contractors will likely use scaffolding or ladders to access the exterior portion of your upstairs windows. They need space to set up these items; therefore, you should move lawn furniture or decorations that might be in the way.

Get ready to get dirty

Window installation can be dirty work. It’s not a matter of just popping out the old ones and inserting the new ones; installation can involve scraping old paint and glue, lots of sanding, installing patches of drywall, and painting. Your contractors will often put down drop cloths and they will try their best to be neat. However, you can ensure that your house stays clean by putting down drop a cloth yourself. Cover your floors and any furniture that might get dirty. Talk to your contractors before taking this step, they might have great suggestions, or insist on doing it for liability purposes. This will make post-installation clean up easier and also prevent your decors from getting stained.

Allow access

If you plan to be away during installation – even temporarily – make sure installers have access to the house both inside and out. You don’t want to delay them by leaving them stranded! Keep doors unlocked and exterior gates open. Discuss your schedule and be sure they have access to a restroom. Keep dogs kenneled or chained up so they’re not in the way or in danger of escaping. Getting your house ready for replacement windows can take a little time, but it will make the process go more smoothly.

Consider your comfort

You may be living in your home while the project is being done, so you should prepare accordingly. If windows are being replaced in a kitchen or your only bathroom, you might want to ask if these rooms could be done quickly, so that you can continue to use them. If windows are part of a larger remodel, you will want to know how many days your kitchen, or another room, will be out of commission so that you can plan around it.


Make plans to keep pets and children as isolated as possible from the work area. While contractors are used to working around people, distractions such as children and pets will only slow the job down and could even prove dangerous. You don’t want children and pets running around in rooms where people are carrying windows with large panes of glass.

Clean Up

After all of the windows are installed for the day, the areas inside and outside the home are cleaned up removing all construction debris. Your old windows will be loaded up and ready to be hauled away to the installer’s facility for recycling and disposal. At this point, your installer should provide you with the option to review and inspect their work and have you sign a customer satisfaction form prior to leaving your home.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth installation process. Your window installers will be grateful, it will keep everyone safe, help your house stay clean, and allow you to enjoy the benefits sooner!

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