Perfect Entrances for perfect Healthy Beings and Safer Things

Often we overlook our entrances such as doors and windows because either they might not be so appealing or we are busy to see them. This article focuses on our Doors and Windows that not only enhances the eternal beauty of a home but also adds scientific values to it. Taking the example of Toronto City, where people lay emphasis on these things then why shan’t we?

First thing of updating the entrances is that it can save your energy bills. Puzzled?  Don’t be so because think of the properties of Thermo Flask. There lies a vacuum layer between the inner glass and outer plastic which doesn’t allow heat loss. Similarly if insulating materials are coated to our doors or windows, they can reduce heat loss. Make your AC on for an hour and it can keep cool for three hours. In winter, it is much effective because our body temperature is released to the environment and insulated entrances keep them locked inside our room.

Second thing is that, it can give a wonderful look. Entrances made up of wood, glass or steel can give you an elegant look. Wood, as you all know, is everyone’s choice for the entrances. It is well insulating and various designs can be carved on it. Since many years wood has been people’s choice. But this generation has much more in addition to that. Steel-unbreakable, inert to chemical reaction, strong, free from wooden bugs and beautiful designs can be punched on it. This material is highly trending in Toronto, USSR and US. You all must be amazed with Glass as material for entrances! Don’t worry, when glass can be bullet proof, then think what amount of pressure it can withstand. Ya, glass can give a transparent look to your visitors and you. This is much trending in Japan. It is very cheap and good to see. So, what are you planning for your entrances to be made of?

Thirdly, updating your entrances can keep you healthy. It is really a fact that sunlight and fresh air can keep you healthy. Updating your windows with glasses can help sunlight come in and this can help in killing the viruses, bacteria’s etc. in the room. Sunlight is also a source of Vitamin D. Hence entrances of wood and steel can’t serve this purpose while closed. During winter the insulated glasses can trap the heat inside the houses and can keep the room ward during night.Researches have come with some paints that can keep bugs away. So, till it is not commercial, entrances made up of glass can help you in keeping healthy.

Fourthly, when you are going to change your entrances, go for security embedded entrances. Many companies like Goodrej has introduced security systems that embed bio informatics data into the system. An example of smart entrances is that when any of the house members touch the entrances, the fingerprint gets scanned and the entrances open. If in any case, the scanning fails, the entrances remain closed. However if force is applied to the system, it automatically activates the security systems and alarm rings. This can be automatically call the police or make the house member aware of illegal entrances.

Face recognition system has already been deployed in many smart entrances. You just have to stand in front of it and the door opens automatically without any manual work. You can too manage it via online so that your guests do not face any problem while they visit your home. Don’t you feel to have smart entrances for your lovely home?

Fifth point is- Space Saver. I Japan and many parts of the country, where people run lack of spaces for entrances, they prefer sliding doors and windows that can save space and can be well designed to work automatically. This gives a beautiful interior and exterior look as well. So, if you are running out of space, try this technique.

Sixth and the most technically advanced entrances keep bugs away by emitting various kinds of rays like UV etc. that keep pests away from entering the home. Mostly the rich people go for this kind of entrances where they keep their windows open for enjoying the fresh air and the technically equipped gadgets emit those kinds of rays which helps to get rid of insects, flies etc. without using a net which helps to keep the beauty of the room as well as to enjoy the scenario outside.

All these kinds of techniques have been developed only to add to our comfort and security. These will surely help you in making a good home. Houses are built of sand, bricks and cement but to make a home you need to have love, comfort and perfection. And our motto is to guide you to achieve perfection. Hope we can help you to make a good living home so that you can enjoy the serenity, beauty and security.

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