Things that Affect the Cost of Replacement Windows

Altering our home is always interesting and at the same time exciting too. While it has it our negative parts too. When we talk about the negative parts, it is not about the looks, it is about the cost. Replacement windows are always an additional attraction to the people who sees the house. Like most of the things in our house, replacing the windows is also a good idea. The idea is always good, but it takes a lot of money and time. Of the two hurdles that are in front of you, the first hurdle would be the cost for the replacement. Let’s see some of the factors that are going to affect your price,

The first factor is the frame of the windows. The material of the frame can differ from place to place and person to person. The material can be selected based on the budget, place and need. Some materials are vinyl, wood, Fiber glass, Aluminum.


The Vinyl is least expensive of all the three materials. It is also very easy to maintain and is a better insulator.

The disadvantage in going with Vinyl is that they expand and contract during the temperature variations. This will lead to difficulty in opening and closing of the window.


Traditionally wood was the only material that was used. It is also less in cost and is found in most of the houses.

The disadvantage in using wood is that it needs regular maintenance and is affected by moisture changes.


Fibreglasses are not affected by the moisture or temperature changes. It also needs less maintenance.

The only this that is stopping people from buying fiber is the cost.


Aluminum is not affected by temperature and moisture and is also a good sound proof.

The disadvantage is its high conductivity of heat and cold which lowers the energy efficiency.

The material cost does not end with this, if Low E coating (thin coating to increase the ability of reflection rather than absorption) are used, the cost may go up. Likewise spacers (Sheets of glass that help to increase insulation) also increase the cost. In addition to the frame, Aluminum or other materials are also used to support the castings around the windows.

Next comes the Labor; as mentioned earlier, the replacement of windows requires time and some work. This can’t be done by us and so it requires professionals to complete the job. The removal of the old glass, repair of the opening of the wall, clean ups, installation of the new windows have to be done with the help of professionals.

Next in the list is the Total number of windows to be replaced. In most of the times, all the windows in a home will not need replacement. If you are staying in an older home, the owner would have changed it for you. Only two or three windows would need replacement. Even if all your windows need replacement and if you are thinking of the cost, then you can conduct an audit to know which window should be replaced at first and which ones would have some more life in it. It is also easy to select the windows that have to be replaced at first, just move through the windows and if you feel air leakage, then those are the ones that have to be updated soon. In this case, you always have the room to take a bit time in replacing the windows. You do not have the compulsion in replacing all the windows at the same time.

Next comes the Replacement Window Type. The type of window that you are about to replace will also place a major role cost wise. The picture windows are the least expensive and the sliding glasses are the most expensive. While the double hung and casement are the two common types of home windows.

The next is the Replacement Window Performance. Yes, the performance of the window also plays a prominent role in the cost equation. When the efficiency increases the cost also will increase. There are four major things that should be considered when replacing a window. Convection, Conduction, radiant heat gain or loss and the last one is air leakage. Even if anyone of this is missing, then you investment is at risk.

Replacement Window Options is also a factor to be considered. The bells and whistles can increase the overall cost. Since these kinds of items come with higher end windows, it is always considered as a ‘want’ item. But, these items have to be installed while installing the new windows because installing all these additional features later could affect the warrant of the window.

These are some of the factors that are affecting the cost while replacing a window. All these are done for your comfort and need and so the cost hugely depends on you. If the overall cost is moving up, always remember that you have the room to alter it bit by bit.

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