Tips On Choosing A Secure Patio Door That Can Prevents Break-Ins

The most beautiful sliding glass patio doors can help to enhance the appearance of your home. You can give your home the perfect contemporary look, welcoming guests in style and inviting the outdoors in. Unfortunately, the very thing you love about the doors may be what will attract burglars to your home. Criminals look for the easiest way to enter homes and in most cases, patio doors qualify as the easiest access points. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your home security, while still ensuring that you enjoy the beautiful view that your patio doors provide.

Choosing the best grade rating

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you invest in doors that offer the best security. This means that you should check the doors performance grade rating. A higher rating means that the door has performed well on several tests including forced entry resistance , air leakage resistance, operating force, uniform load deflection, water penetration resistance, and uniform load structural test. Find out about the doors rating so that you can get the security you need. Doors that perform well in the tests that measure forced entry resistance will help to keep your home secure.

Ensure proper installation

After you choose the best quality doors, it is important to ensure that you get proper installation. If sliding glass patio doors are installed incorrectly, your home can become an easy target for burglars. It is important to ensure that the sliding mechanism is located on the inside section of the track. If it is installed on the outside section, it is easy for a burglar to lift up the sliding mechanism causing it to get off the track. When this happens, it is only a matter of lifting the door off the track to allow entry into the home. Professional installation will help to ensure that the doors are installed correctly.

Using protective window film

If you live in an area where the noise from breaking glass can go unnoticed, installing window film on the glass can be very helpful. A good quality protective film will prevent the glass from shattering during impact. Flying glass shards can cause a lot of damage to people and property and protecting your home from the breaking glass is important. It is important to realize that there are different window films in the market and not all of them provide this function. Talk to an expert about the best quality film so that you can get the security you need and ensure that you get professional film installation.

Install a security bar

In most locations, burglars avoid breaking the glass because of the noise that it produces. They are more likely to force the door open to avoid attracting attention. If the thieves manage to somehow force the locking mechanism to open, there should be something to stop them from making further progress. A security bar can be installed to keep the door from sliding open. The bar is usually mounted on the sliding panel and it can go a long way in ensuring that you foil the burglar’s plans. It is also a good idea to install a good quality bolt lock to secure the door to the frame.

Get window and door alarms

One of the best ways to deter and keep burglars away from your home is by installing a good alarm system. You can get door and window alarm system that will keep your home secure. There are many security systems in the market and you can find what you need depending on your needs and your budget. There are some magnetic window alarms that are designed to protect your property. The easy to use peel and stick alarms can be a convenient way to secure your home whether you are in or away. The wireless magnetic alarms are inexpensive and you do not have to spend much to feel safe.

Get professional advice

To make sure that you get the most secure patio doors, it is a good idea to talk to a security expert. Talk to someone who can advise you about the best door materials. While it might not be necessary to get costly ballistic or bullet proof glass, you can get the best quality glass for your needs. The expert will advise you about the best way to keep your home safe while also getting the viewing benefits of your patio door. Think about your location when choosing security doors and remember that if you live in an area where burglaries are rife, you should do all you can to secure your property.

If you have had the same patio doors for years, it may be time to consider an update. Invest in new doors that will keep you and your family safe. Make sure that you work with a reputable windows and doors company so that you can benefit from the best services.

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  • My wife has been worried about the security of our house, and I was curious about how you would choose some security doors to improve things. I love that you say to make sure that you ensure that the installation is done properly, and correctly. It would be nice to know that no one will be able to find a way to get in.

  • Larry Weaver says:

    Thanks for the tip to check a door’s performance grade rating for the best security. I’ve been thinking of getting bullet resistant doors because I live in a shady area but don’t want to move out. Concerns of getting broken into is a common feeling, so having something that tests well in performance would bring peace to mind.

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