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As we know that Toronto has a semi-continental climate, with a warm, humid summer and a cold winter. Toronto is one of Canada’s warmer cities in winter with snow on the ground most days between mid-December and mid-March. In such scenario, the appeal of patio doors goes beyond the expanse of light and warmth they can add, they can also provide access to other parts of your home, such as screened in porches or sunrooms, balconies, and verandahs. Even in the cold dead of winter, the more-than-a-window patio door is a great feature to make your home stylish, functional, and have great resale appeal. With the selection of sliding and swinging patio doors, you have the flexibility to create a truly custom design that complements your home’s architectural style and helps to define your outdoor living space. It depends on your home’s design, your lifestyle and convenience that what type of patio door you want to use! Expansive patio doors can help the home reveal its inner character. Opening up the inside living room to the outside offers an extension of the home with an open flowing layout, but still retains private space in each of these areas. With creative decor such as a charming garden trellis parts of the outdoor living space can be sectioned off while still having it open wide to the indoor living area–ideal for entertaining.

Patio doors are available in a variety of styles and designs. Each patio door is manufactured using the highest grade materials and to the finest of tolerances to provide a tight seal that keeps the winters’ chill and summer’s heat at bay. Most of the time these doors are made of glass and can even be folded into each other in an accordion-style of open/close system. Standard colors are available in patio doors like white, mahogany, light oak, and rosewood with different hardware color option like chrome, satin, black, gold etc. Patio doors are manufactured in different designs such as contemporary or modern with multiple panes. There are a wide range of options available to enhance any property, adding a real touch of luxury and visual appeal to your home.

Now you can think of security with these patio doors; whether you are safe or not after installing it. Security is a definite priority in the design of patio doors. All the doors are now-a-days fitted with a combination of enhanced lock and security handle that make our fantastic door amongst the most secure available.

Patio doors are available in different options. You can go for any of them. Some of the famous designs and styles are outlined below:

Exterior folding & sliding patio doors

Exterior Folding & Sliding Patio Doors can transform your home by adding natural light and improving security and access. They bring the garden into your home in the summer, and keep the heat throughout the winter.

Oak veneer folding patio doors

Oak Veneer Folding Patio Doors allow air & light to flow into your home. They truly bring the outside in with an impressive 90% opening space when fully retracted. Blending the outdoors with the indoors seamlessly gives a more contemporary look and draws attention to your garden, patio, or whatever is on the other side of the doors

White folding patio doors

White Folding Patio Doors are constructed using premium selected, fully-finished white softwood. It adds a royal look to your home. Multiple locks add another layer of security for your family. Low maintenance exteriors and stainable interior surfaces give you even more options to create a truly stunning entrance to your home.

Bi fold patio doors

The popularity of bi fold patio doors can largely put down to the unrestricted views it provides of your sparkling pool, terrace, landscaped garden or entertainment area. In addition, they bring a modern and contemporary look and feel to a home. Bi fold patio doors offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to conventional patio doors and which can easily pass as a design feature in your home to be admired and enjoyed.

Hinged French patio doors

Trendy home designs use strategically placed interior French doors to cordon off interior spaces to control heating and air conditioning costs better, too. Hinged French patio door can instantly transform your living spaces from drab to debonair and sophisticated while playful. Plus, connecting your indoor spaces with outdoor living areas is easier since you can essentially treat your patio as another room by incorporating contrasting or coordinating prints, textures and fabrics.

Traditional sliding patio doors

Retractable Sliding Door is quite contemporary. Couple with peace of mind and as a more secure option for your home, the sliding door offers function and compact access. Perfect for children to use; integrating doggie doors, and even moving in large items into the home.

You must be careful while choosing a patio door for your home. Be sure that the patio doors you are going to install provide you security. Its material should be of good quality. While installing these patio doors, ask for a professional help. With the right selection and proper installation these patio doors can become the best part of your home.

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