Unique Window Treatment Ideas for Patio Doors

Patio doors are doors that are given least attention because they are almost used by everyone in the family. It is a type of sliding door, is a large glass window opening in a structure that provide access from the interior to outside. Usually there are two units in a patio door; one is fixed while the other one is mobile. While another design is a sliding door that moves totally into the wall pockets. These kinds of doors experience the use of everyone, including the baby and the pets. Let’s see some of the ideas on window treatment for patio doors.

Solar Screens

The name says it all! The solar screens are the ultimate window treatment for summer. They block the harmful sun rays and also the light, but not the view and will also look great in single doors. These screens reduce the summer heat inside your house, protecting you from the harmful UV rays and keeping your furniture and other materials from fading away. The solar shades can be got in a lot of models. The white ones look more real and emphasize a clean and modern look to your house. While the darker shade can add another richness to your house.

Shoji Screens

This is the Asian style which has awesome rice paper screens which brings a sense of style. These screens can be placed in a lot of ways to add up to the richness of the house. The best way to place these screens are by simply placing them in front of the doors. For doors that are used more often by the members of the house, it is better not to go with Shoji screens. For doors that are used more often, consider screens that can be mounted on the doors.

Sheer Drapery

Sheer Drapery gives you the airy feeling during the sticky, hot summer season. This screen cools down the air that is crossing its ways. Just imagine a day when your paten door is open and air moves through the Drapery and refreshes you by a cool breeze. Are you thinking of Sheer Drapery by now. Then, well, you are thinking the right way. It is elegant, swanky and effortless. It softens the glare on all types of doors and is not too heavy. They also add up to the richness of the house and keep you and your family very proud of the doors, screens and house.


Another method is to use Curtain, cellular shades and vertical blinds. It is the least expensive to purchase and is almost available at every place. Curtains also add up a lot to your house and doors. Curtains are easy to install. If you are familiar with sewing and stitching, you can sew your own curtain, to your own need and design. Curtains can be rolled over a rod and put down in front of the doors. They are easily foldable and also the material is very soft. Lined curtains are recommended in most of the places because they keep away heat and cold.

Cellular Shades

You would have certainly seen cellular shades or honeycomb shades, but have you ever thought of replacing them on your patio doors. This kind of set up can come handy during the summer season. They are energy efficient and keep your house cool during the summer and warm during the winter season. The opacity levels allow you to decide many light filtering options. If you are living in a place where the temperature is scorching hot, then a high opacity screen can play a major role to keep heat away. While, if you are in a region where temperatures are warm then low opacity or sheer cellular will come handy. They are also available in horizontal and vertical formations, allowing you to decide on the movement of the shades. The down bottom up shades looks beautiful on French doors.

Natural Woven shades

If you ever wanted a tropical look or the feel of the environment inside your house, then Natural woven shades are the best choice. They have wonderful looks and are more elegant on single Patio doors. They also allow you to decide how much sunlight to let in and this also includes the right privacy for you. They will suit into any kind of place. They enhance the house to a great extent and also keep the house cooler and wonderful. Patio doors are the doorways to taking shelter from sunburns or getting away from sun, so make your patio doors beautiful by these kinds of screens that help you cool down the temperature inside your house.

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