Window Replacement – Framing Your View Using Picture Windows

When you are shopping for replacement windows, your first thought is likely to be the practical factors like security, light and energy efficiency. While this is essential, you should not overlook the issue of aesthetics. It is important to remember that windows help to frame the view to the outdoors. The same way you choose a decorative frame to showcase your paintings or artwork effectively, you should look for windows that will enhance the aesthetics of your home. Whether you have a vintage or a contemporary home, you can find the perfect windows to suit your home.

There are many types of windows in the market and there are designs to suit any taste and style of home. Having an unencumbered view of the outdoors can help to enhance comfort while reducing the feeling of being cooped up during those long winter months.  Custom bay windows can help to create curb appeal on your home’s front exterior and you can also benefit from installing picture windows in the different rooms. You can choose a combination of different types of windows for your home.

Using fixed windows

Most people will agree that with the inclement weather in most regions, it is unlikely that all windows in the home are opened. Picture windows do not open or close but they can be installed between windows that open to allow ventilation. The windows let in light and you can enjoy the view and the best part is that these windows are much easier to clean. The windows may comprise of a large expanse of glass but they are easy to maintain or keep clean. The windows can be used over doors in the shape of an arch to enhance the door design.

Letting in natural light


Picture windows allow plenty of natural light into the home. This is very important not just for comfort and beauty but for health reasons. According to experts, people who suffer from depression can benefit from light exposure. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition that is light related and those who suffer from this disorder can benefit from the extra light. Picture windows have an open design that helps to keep rooms well lit, while also preventing air leaks or draftiness. The modern designs and construction makes this a great option and you can also avoid high utility bills from using artificial light.

Enjoy unobstructed views

When choosing windows for your home, you have to think about each room and the specific needs and functions for the room. It is practical to have regular functional windows for your bathrooms and bedrooms, but when it comes to the living room or Great room, you can have more flexibility. These rooms are usually large enough to have several windows. This means you can include picture windows in the space and enjoy unobstructed views of the attractive scenery. A picture window can also work perfectly in the kitchen when you want to enjoy an unrestricted view of your yard or garden.

Choosing the best location

Most homeowners prefer to install the picture windows along the side of the home that is private. Remember that the windows should allow you to enjoy the views outside and not for passersby to enjoy the view of your home! It is not a good idea to install the windows on the side overlooking the sidewalk or your neighbor’s busy yard. If there is an unattractive building outside your home, you do not need to spend hours looking at it.

Getting custom windows

If you do not have a pleasant view to enjoy outside your home, you do not have to despair. Fortunately, you can get windows that are attractive enough to make up for the lack of a great view. Custom styled windows can help to block or disguise the view outside your home. If you can see a junkyard or steel mill from your home, you need all the help that you can get to hide this view. While you can use window treatments to improve the aesthetics, you are much better off replacing your old windows with new stylish windows to improve your home’s appearance.

Using specialty windows

You can use windows to create the perfect design statement. There are different ways to do this through a choice of grilles, hardware, colors, and the style of your windows. Specialty windows are often created from a combination of angular, rounded, and other shapes and styles that match your space. You can have eye-catching windows from the interior and exterior of the home and you do not have to notice anything that is unpleasant in the distance.

It is very important to ensure that you get professional installation for your windows. Getting the best installation will help to ensure that you benefit from the best function and aesthetics. By choosing specialty windows, you can choose from more than a dozen shapes. In addition to replacing your old, outdated windows, you should also consider using outdoor plantings to improve your view.

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