Wood Windows Vs. Vinyl Windows

A war of popularity between wood windows and vinyl windows has been going on for years now and does seem to end any sooner. These types of windows are quite popular today with their enthusiasts swearing by their names. These two very popular replacement window choices have been at war with each other ever since they were discovered. So which among the two is likely to win? Well, read on to find out.

Classic wood windows

Weighing just about 15 to 35 pounds per average sized window, typical wood windows have a lot of benefits to offer homeowners that opt for them. Over the years, their owners get to perfectly know their windows. How, you might ask. Well, to start with, if you are a proud owner of any of these kinds of replacement windows, then you get familiar with every frame and corner when cleaning it. You get to know its designs, corners and angles when sanding, scraping or repainting it. In simple terms, wood made windows constantly require the attention of their owners.

To properly maintain it, the owner will need to have a strict routine of trim and cladding inspection to check for signs of cracking as this could allow water penetration into the wood frame, rotting it while at it.  A wet or moist wood frame is definitely a bad thing where windows are concerned as it leads to a lot of problems. Warped frames for example eventually could knock out the window of its place, something you really don’t want to happen.

Vinyl windows

Due to their, vinyl windows have become a popular replacement choice with many homeowners today. Best of all, these windows are mostly made to suit custom preferences or specifications. Simply put, vinyl windows are made to flawlessly fit your preferences or specifications. With a wide array of styles and colors to choose from, these are every homeowner’s dream of replacement windows. Strong and independent, vinyl type of windows do not require much of your money or time for maintenance. And because they have zero wooden components, you do not have to worry about the windows becoming warped or being damaged by moisture.

Vinyl windows are quite energy efficient making them worth fighting for. Keeping the temperatures inside a home steady is what every homeowner is fighting for. The reliable, sleek and efficient vinyl windows with offer you more than this making them ideal companions in your home. Best of all, vinyl windows come with warranties worth your attention.

Vinyl replacement windows are an excellent choice for homeowners that can’t meet the maintenance demands for wood windows. Due to advances in alternative window making materials technologies, the current vinyl windows have been deigned to outperform many other types of windows. They require very little maintenance if any is required. Simply put, vinyl windows demand nothing in terms of money and time where quality and beauty maintenance is concerned.

What about the cost?

Consumers always want to know the total costs incurred upfront before purchasing any product in the market. They want to look purchase items they can really afford. This is why you won’t find yourself going to a Mercedes Benz dealership with an economy car budget. Though it is tempting to look at something you know you can’t afford, it is simply silly to think you can have it. This is why we are always comparing prices before purchasing products that are needed though of a substantial financial investment.

Replacing windows in your home also can be a substantial financial investment that requires to be researched on. In most cases, it is difficult to determine exactly what price range certain windows are due to one reason or another. For example, it could be the size, brand, color or brand that could make the difference. A lot of people in this regard simply ask for a round figure. Unfortunately, in the world of replacement windows, whether wood or vinyl made, a standard size does not really exist as different client homes have different requirements.

Other recommendations

It is strongly suggested that you schedule a free home visit for an evaluation before purchasing a specific replacement window. This kind of a visit by a professional window installer will allow you to discuss your desires and needs in details so as to get a perfect fit. While at your home, the expert will take measurements and discuss the available replacement windows options with you to suit your preferences and home’s style. The best experts provide all their clients with a good, better and best scenario of options for potential window replacement.

So we can certainly say there is no such thing as a standard price where window replacement is concerned. Replacement windows, whether made of wood or vinyl, by nature are custom designed to ensure a perfect fit into the existing window opening.


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